The conference includes fundamental and emerging areas in the application of modelling, computing and systems technology to process engineering problems through the following topics:

Modeling and Simulation
  • New modelling approaches
  • Metamodeling, Multi-scale modelling
  • Environmental/Social/Risk models
  • New industrial applications
Synthesis and Design
  • Process/Supply Chain Synthesis and Design
  • Advanced Materials – Products Design
  • Process Intensification
  • Micro and nano applications
  • Design for reliability and safety
Planning and Scheduling
  • Enterprise Wide Optimization (EWO)
  • Process/Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling
Process Monitoring and Control
  • Process Monitoring
  • Process Control
  • Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Recovery
  • Real-Time Optimization
Integrated/Holistic approaches for decision making/support
  • Integrated Process and Product Synthesis/Design
  • Multi-scale/Non-hierarchical decision-making
  • Competitive/Multiparticipant decision support
  • Industrial Symbiosis
  • Life Cycle Approaches
Concepts, Methods and Tools
  • Advances in numerical methods
  • Global Mixed-Integer Optimization
  • Multiobjective optimization
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty and Risk Management
  • Big Data Management, methods and tools
  • The Industrial Internet of Things - Industry 4.0
  • Data-Information-Knowledge paradigm
CAPE applications addressing Global Grand Challenges
  • Energy Systems
  • Carbon Mitigation
  • Water Management
  • Food SCs (including Carbon and/or Nitrogen cycles management)
  • Health care, medicine and pharma systems engineering
  • Urban processes and systems
  • Bio-engineering, biomedical and industrial biotechnology applications
CAPE/PSE Education/Training

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