JE-Fibre Suspensions


The flow of fibrous mixtures is common in many industrial processes such as pulp and papermaking but also in composite materials for packaging purposes and yarn production in the textile industry, production of composites in the polymers industry as well as in several products and processes in the food industry, among others. In spite of its importance, process design in these industrial sectors still relies mainly on ad-hoc correlations or iterative procedures, due to the difficulties in establishing reliable mechanistic based models or even in the monitoring and characterization of such systems.

To overcome these limitations, a lot of effort has been devoted to the study of fibrous mixtures in the research community. Numerical studies have been carried out at different levels, using both detailed and fundamental modelling approaches, but also industrially oriented modelling approaches. These have been nicely complemented by experimental investigations that have led to the development of new measurement techniques, which are now being exploited to monitor and characterize fibre suspension flows including its rheological behaviour.

With this Special Symposium we aim at bringing together researchers working in these different fields, but also participants working in the related industries, as well as those in charge of equipment design for industries involving the handling of fibrous suspensions. We aim to generate new ideas to go a step forward in the current state of the art.

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