International Symposium on Lignocellulosic Materials - JE-IntSympLignCellMat 2017

International Symposium on Lignocellulosic Materials - JE-IntSympLignCellMat 2017

This event has been promoted by RIADICYP (Iberoamerican Network for Research on Pulp and Paper) and PROVALOR-Cyted (Value Added Products from Agricultural and Forestry Industry Residues Network). All international and regional events related to lignocellulosic biomass and bioenergy research and development, held in the last three years, are invited to join the International Symposium on Lignocellulosic Materials under the overarching theme of the 10th WCCE.

The global move toward renewable energy and bioproducts is currently steered by three important drivers: unstable oil prices and concerns about oil reserves; growing energy demands and food needs; and increasing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Lignocellulosic biomass is the single renewable resource on earth, reproduced at 60 billion tons per year that has the potential to supplant the use of fossil-based fuels and create a sustainable energy future. The Biorefinery development is the key to build a society based on renewable biomass resources. Although there are major challenges in reducing production costs in Biorefineries posing great opportunities for fundamental science and engineering research, new research may lead to dramatic shifts from the way we currently conceive and practice biomass production and conversion. This is a challenge and an opportunity that we are currently facing in our transition to a Bioeconomy. The International Symposium on Lignocellulosic Materials will provide a platform to critically review our recent progress, design innovative strategies for future advancements, and exchange multidisciplinary information and experience acquired at all levels of lignocellulose research and development – from a lab to commercialization scale. IntSympLignCellMat 2017 aims to stimulate fruitful discussions on a wide range of topics in all the biomass-related areas including but not limited to biosynthesis and deconstruction of lignocellulosic biomass, biopolymers and natural adhesives, thermochemical and biological conversion, new molecules, composites, advanced and smart paper-based materials, process integration, socio-economic impact analysis of products and processes. The conference will set the stage to critically analyze biorefining production platforms for building block chemicals, complex materials, value-added products and underutilized byproducts from biomass. Opportunities will arise to accelerate scientific discovery and help promote, advance and disseminate new knowledge in all aspects of Lignocellulosic Biorefineries.

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