7th International Symposium on Spouted Beds (JE-ISSB-7)

The 7th International Symposium on Spouted Beds (ISSB-7) is organized and coordinated in partnership with the 10th edition of the World Congress of Chemical Engineering, the 11th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, and many other associated scientific and industrial events, including EXPOQUIMIA, the second largest European Exhibition for the Chemical Industry, providing a unique opportunity to exploit new synergies.

ISSB-7 will uphold the tradition of this series of conferences by focusing on fundamental research on spouted beds, but it will significantly expand into emerging applications of spouted bed and novel spouted bed technologies, especially those related to new processes for the production of eco-friendly chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and renewable and sustainable energy.

The aim of the Congress is to share the most recent advances on spouted bed technology, with its broad outlook ranging from fundamental research through to the technology's cutting-edge industrial application. This symposium is a unique opportunity for convening the world's foremost experts on spouted beds.

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