International Conference on Processing, Handling and Characterization of Particulate Materials (PARMAT 2017)

A new conference on particulate materials (PARMAT2017) is organized by eight Working Parties of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) in the frame of the WCCE10-ECCE11-ECAB4, which will be held from 1st to 5th October 2017. This initiative started in ECCE10 aiming to be a meeting point for academia and industry to share the latest scientific progresses and technological advances in fields were particulate materials are involved. More specifically, PARMAT2017 is devoted to all the aspects related to the chemical and mechanical processing, handling and characterization of particulate materials in industry, including hazards and risks that are usually presented during these operations. This International Conference will provide a unique opportunity to integrate academic/scientific research and industry issues and requirements from researchers and industrialists around the world.

Which are the benefits of participating?
  • Increased awareness of academic/scientific researchers in the areas of industrial applications, problems, requirements, equipment and instrumentation
  • Future Research and Development directions and projects
  • Increased awareness of industry users/ suppliers in the areas of “academic” achievements, expertise and capabilities
  • Increased academic/industry networks, linkages and relationships
Submission of manuscripts for a Special Issue of the Chemical Engineering Research and Design Journal will be possible after the conference, by invitation

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