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The WCC10 and its joint events programmed for 2017 are organized by EFCE’s Spain Group, composed of the following organizations who represent all aspects of chemical engineering. We invite you to get to know them better.


With over 66 years of history, ANQUE is today a prestigious professional association with over 8.500 members. It is the largest association of Spain, headquartered in Madrid and with local offices in all Spanish Autonomous Communities.

ANQUE offers a portfolio of unique services and benefits to its members and works to strengthen Chemistry & Chemical Technology and their professionals in Spain.

ANQUE’s mission is to be the Spanish voice of Chemistry and Chemical Technology and defend the interests and image of the profession, raise the scientific and professional profile and achieve greater recognition through social awareness while representing the hub of its members’ interdisciplinary network before public authorities

ANQUE aims to boost its network in all areas -scientific, technical, social, economic and cultural- both nationally and internationally.


The Association and the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia have always maintained a clear focus on service to industrial engineers and to society. It represents almost 9.000 engineers.

Its institutions have a specific klout that is based on the proven track record that the profession has contributed to the development of the country and its technological progress. On this basis the association was created in 1863 and subsequently the College in 1950, always with the aim of safeguarding the profession and defending its partners and members.

They have deployed a wide range of services that help professionals in all contexts in which they develop, including the workplace, the family and/or society. Their strength lies in the individual presence of each of the partners/members. That is why they want to be a home to all engineers to face all the challenges presented by the present and the future.


The Spanish Society of Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, SEQUI, was founded in 1960. Its main purpose is to contribute to the expansion and progress of the Spanish chemical industry by bringing together the professionals working in this sector. Other main objectives of the Society are to facilitate collaboration between the scientific and academic communities with the industry, as well as cooperate with political and social institutions. These objectives are achieved through different activities and events organized every year.

The most prominent example is the celebration of the Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering that takes place every three years, which in 2014 celebrated its thirteenth edition. This event brought together researchers from the industry on new areas of chemical engineering such as biochemical engineering or food.

The Spanish Society of Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is a member of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering and Corrosion (EFCE). Because of this, SEQUI has an active representation on various working groups of the Federation and representatives of the Society have held positions office in the Council of the Scientific Advisory Board EFCE.


AIQS, the Association of Chemists and Engineers of the Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS) was founded in 1921 in Barcelona, being the oldest Spanish society for chemical engineers. In 1972 AIQS joined EFCE. Currently, AIQS has near 2.000 members, all of them coming from IQS, mainly Chemical Engineers and Chemists.

Since its foundation, the main objective of AIQS is to foster chemical science and technology in the benefit of society. To do this, IQS and its alumni are promoting ongoing education among its members, and are offering a range of the most interesting activities and services to its members.

IQS is a Higher Education Centre founded by the Society of Jesus, with over one hundred years of experience and an extensive record of accomplishments and history in the academic and research field that enable the institution to offer a fully consolidated and proven teaching method.

Its vocation and social commitment involve educating people in an ethical and integral manner in all personal, academic and professional areas. Due to its scientific tradition, IQS is able to teach its students to love their work, and to exercise their professional activity seriously and rigorously and with initiative and creativity.

The professionals educated at IQS have a solid background for their professional careers in international environments, are stimulated by scientific knowledge and are well aware of the current social reality when it comes to making decisions. In short, professionals and executives who are able to respond to the new challenges posed by the current social, scientific, financial and industrial context.


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